Friday, January 8, 2010

Roll Tide Roll !!! Yeah, Baby!

It has been 17 years in the making, but we finally made it! Our 13th National Championship. The game was definitely a nail biter at times. We had to make sure we wore our "lucky" clothes and sat in the same chairs as during previous games. No, I'm not really a superstitious person...but we couldn't take any chances. I wish McCoy could have stayed healthy and finished out his college career. He is really a great player, and wonderful, christian example. I still think we would have won, but who knows what might have happened if McCoy was able to play and McElroy wasn't playing with broken ribs from the Florida game. Guess we will never know. I will still enjoy the win and Saban will get his statue at the "Walk of Champions"

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Days!!!

Christmas is over, the new year is here, and I should be in school today. Instead, God has blessed us with a sprinkling of beautiful, white snow and weather days away from school. I'm sure I will want these days back in late spring when the children and teachers are both in need of a break from each other, but I am going to enjoy them now. Nothing special...painting, computer, deciding if I want to pack away all the Christmas decorations, and excitedly waiting for the BIG GAME tonight. Hopefully I will be celebrating a National Championship at this time tomorrow.

For now, I will review the Christmas holidays. We are truly BLESSED. We spent Christmas eve morning with Wade's parents, his younger brother, Jeff and his family. On Christmas eve night we opened presents with Brittany and then had Christmas morning at home. Wade surprised me, which is very hard to do, with a laptop. He had an envelope on the tree that contained clues which led me to my gift. Sooo sweet, and who knew he was such a poet. Christmas night was at my mom and dads with my family. We all bought our parents a new big screen tv. As you can tell by the picture, they were surprised...and happy too.Not their new TV in picture. Hayden and Kevin
Daddy, Scott, and Meloney
Shaun and Ashley
Tyler and BrittanyWesley, Chelle, and Cody
Wade with his gift card.

On Monday night after Christmas we celebrated with Wade's older brother Tom, his family, and Wade's parents. The Grand Finale was on the next Sunday, when Luke , Amanda, and Kate came for a visit. Kate was a pro at opening presents by this point. She liked the gifts but would have been completely satisfied to chew on the wrapping paper and bows.

We had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed time with family. Thanks to all that made our Christmas so special.
Wishing you all a Blessed 2010!!!