Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wild "Wicked" Weekend

What a fast, busy, fun-filled weekend. Hayden and I attended "Wicked" on Saturday. It was awesome. Our seats were perfect. We were not more than 30 yards from the stage and almost dead center. There was an aisle right behind us, which allowed for a quick exit as soon as the actors made their bows. It was very different from the book...but I loved it anyway. Elphaba and Galinda were both great with their parts. Hayden has always been a "Wizard of Oz" fanatic so of course, she enjoyed it. I highly recommend it to anyone that has a chance to see it.

The Playbill

Our GREAT Tickets

The only picture we managed to make before Security took notice.

Our youth group at church is going on a trip in June to Parsons, TN to help a smaller congregation with VBS. I have been drafted as a chaperone since I will be out of school. We went there on a planning trip this weekend and were supposed to meet the bus at 5:30. Well at 5:04 we were sitting in the parking lot at the BJCC, after having practically ran from the auditorium as soon as Wicked was finished. Being home by 5:30 was impossible and about 6:15 would be lucky with no traffic problems. We pulled in my driveway at 6:04, after being stopped by a Winfield City Cop not 3 miles from home. He graciously let us go without a ticket after I explained our situation. Needless to say, I thanked God for our safety and the policeman's generosity. We arrived in Parsons at about 10:30 last night, went to the church building, made some plans about VBS, went back to the hotel, slept, went to church in Parsons this morning and then left coming home. Back to church in a few minutes and then school tomorrow. It was busy...but a great time. I would hope for a relaxing weekend next weekend...but Whitney's wedding is Saturday and we have to leave Thursday for all the festivities. Oh well, I'll rest when I am old!

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  1. we are going in June, and I absolutely CANNOT wait! I am rereading the book now!