Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Fall, Ya'll

Well, Fall is here and all the busy, hectic, and fun times that go with it. What have we been up to?
Decorating for fall!

Pumpkins Galore

Tyler CarvingHayden carving...and a little too intense I might add.The finished project. Great job, Tyler, Hayden, Brittany, and Bailee!

Hayden and the Lady Pirates have had a great season so far. This picture is taken at the WAC tournament where we came in 1st place.

Tyler and Brittany at the Braves game.

Tyler got lucky and was chosen to play a game on the jumbotron. Probably because he was rockin the mohawk. He won a $100 gas card, a $50 food gift card, a t-shirt, cap, and tomahawk. Brittany bet him that he wouldn't get it cut, so he also won dinner Friday night. I think it all turned out pretty well for him, especially since he only kept it for two days.

That's what has been going on here. I plan to visit Luke, Amanda, and Kate Saturday and hope to have new pictures next week.

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