Monday, October 12, 2009

Life is Good!

We visited Luke, Amanda, and Kate as mentioned in the previous blog. I just didn't post pictures the next week as promised. Here they are...three weeks later instead. Sorry! Hayden, Vickie, Mom, and I made the trip this time. We had a wonderful visit, and as you can tell from the pics...Kate is precious. She is cutting teeth and chewing on EVERYTHING! She smiles constantly and is developing such a little personality. She loves her mom and dad, but was sweet enough to let all of us hold and love on her. We carried gifts for her and she just sat and looked at all of them like a little lady. Can't wait to see her in all her outfits. She will look like an angel. Now that volleyball season is almost over...full speed ahead. Look out sewing machine, I am ready to design and sew.

Hayden getting some Kate loving!!!
Kate teething on a cold carrot. I love this!
Kate and Mom.
Kate with Vickie
Luke listening and stressing to the MSU/LSU game
We spent the morning visiting, but because we had found out two days earlier that Hayden was chosen as the 11th grade Homecoming Maid, we had to shop for a suit for pictures the following Tuesday. We shopped that afternoon and then met Amanda and Kate for dinner. Poor Luke was having to write a paper for law school and wasn't able to join us. He is so dedicated.

Homecoming was scheduled for October 9th, Hayden's birthday, but was moved to Thursday because of rain. Turned out great. She was beautiful, and her dress was gorgeous. She was escorted by Elijah, who was her boyfriend for three or so years during the preschool/elementary years.
Hayden in her gown for the parade.
Hayden on the Queens Float
Hayden and Elijah
Hayden with Momo
Wade, Hayden, and Tyler

Life Is Good, and we are so blessed! Thank you, God!

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