Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to Sew I Go!!!

How time flies when you are...busy. I can't believe we are 19 school days away from completing another school year. So many of those days will be filled with field days, finals, and fun times that they will pass even faster. I AM ready for summer break. I AM NOT ready for Hayden to be a senior. Seems like yesterday I was carrying her to preschool with her Mickey/Minnie backpack. Turn around and she is grown. Because I don't want to start crying already, again, I will change the subject.

Little did I know that posting a few pictures of embroidery projects and patterns on Facebook would give such a boost to my sewing business/hobby. Word of mouth doesn't hurt either.

I certainly enjoy the extra money, but I feel I have neglected sewing for Kate, which is what I enjoy most. Wade and Hayden say I should learn to say "No". That doesn't come easy for me, especially when friends are involved. Maybe when school is out I can sew/smock/embroidery/applique for Kate, and her new little sibling. As soon as we find out baby Cantrell's sex, I am ready to start outfits for him/her. Oh how my brain is turning with ideas. I'll certainly have to make some matching outfits. Yay!!! Can't wait!!!

Wade's niece, Whitney is also expecting her first baby in December. I want to make some special little outfits for baby Skellie, as well.

Babies Galore...What Fun!!!


  1. Love the pictures of Hayden. She was and is such a cutie!

    We love when you sew for Kate, too! She is always dressed adorable thanks to you!


  2. Oh, we go to the dr. May 19th to find out if we will have a Preston or Mary Jane!