Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lovin' Summer

I know that technically it isn't summer yet, but if school is's summer to me. I have been super busy so far, but enjoying every minute of it. So far, I have sewn....ALOT, spent Memorial Day with family, visited the Cantrells and Memphis Zoo, took a quilting class, deep cleaned my house, and took one completely lazy, do-nothing day.

Hayden and I went to visit with Luke, Amanda, and Kate. We visited a while and went to the zoo. Hayden claims this was her first trip to the zoo. I think she went as a small child and doesn't remember it. Kate is too funny. She makes the most precious faces and when she walks, she completely stops when she comes to a different surface. You can tell she isn't sure about it and needs someones approval. She is a little angel.
She has Hayden wrapped around her little finger...who am I kidding...she has all of us wrapped around her little finger. Can't wait to meet her little brother and let him do the same.Enjoying the fountain!Watching the tigers.
Kate's New ClothesGetting ready for the beach trip!

I love their sibling shirts!
I think this shirt was Kate's favorite!

Happy Summer!!!

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