Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Best Days of Our Lives!

On September 19th we visited the Cantrell's to shower them with gifts for Preston. And of course, we didn't forget Miss Kate. She was showered, as well. Luke and Amanda were so kind to allow the 10 of us to barge in and take over their house for a few hours. We had a great afternoon. It made my day when Kate reached to me from her Daddy, and again when she cried as we left. Not because she cried, but because she recognizes us now and seems to enjoy our time together. She is such a beautiful angel. I love her personality. Such a sassy little one. She oooed and aaahed over all the gifts, but cracked me up when Amanda opened a personalized wipe case I made for Preston. She opened her mouth and gasped as if she were so hurt because I made a gift for someone besides her. It might take a little while for her to adjust to a new baby in the family, but she will be such a wonderful big sis. I just can't wait to meet Preston! Hayden is afraid she won't be able to love Preston as much as Kate...but this is the same Hayden that was initially jealous of Kate. The same Hayden that worships the ground that little girl walks on.

Most of our other time is spent at volleyball games. We have had a pretty good season. Tomorrow is our area tournament, so it could be the last day of games, or we might win and go on to the next level. Who Knows?

Parents with Senior players.

5 Senior Players


Blurry Block!

Our Homecoming parade and game was on Friday. Hayden was voted as "Wittiest" by the Senior class, so she rode on the Superlatives float. Wittiest a/k/a "Most Sarcastic". I think the Class of 2011 pegged this one perfectly. She is just like her daddy. lol

Other happenings that make me realize this school year is passing so quickly...received proofs of senior portraits, turning in orders for graduation invitations this week, applied to Mississippi State, and Auburn University, scheduled a tour of MSU and planning one for Auburn, and planning a cruise for the senior trip. Pray for me that I will enjoy every day of this last year at home with Hayden, and spend the least amount of time possible, grieving for what I know will come.

And last, but not least...A big shout out for all our family birthdays!
Ashley 9/12
Meloney 9/25
Shaun 9/29
Luke 10/5
Hayden 10/9
Chelle 10/12
Preston ???
Noah 10/29
Tyler 10/30
Happy Birthday!!! Love you all!

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  1. Time goes by so quickly!! Thanks for the bday shout out. September and October break us too. We will "try" to avoid those months when having a baby one