Friday, May 8, 2009

My Addiction

My wonderful husband bought me one of my favorite presents ever, this Christmas. My old sewing machine had died, and I suddenly had a precious new reason to start sewing again.
Well, it had been at least ten years since I had sewn very much, so when I went shopping for a new machine, I was amazed at how technology had made leaps and bounds since my last purchase. I immediately fell in love with the embroidery/sewing machines. The items I could imagine sewing for Baby Kate were endless. I shopped around and found a machine that would do everything I needed at a decent price...and the rest is history. I spend at least 6+ hours a week playing with my new toy. I sew mainly for Kate, but I have also made several shower gifts and embroidered for some of the teachers at school. If only sewing came with benefits (health insurance). One advantage....Kate will never have a problem remembering her name. Some of my projects are pictured, but many more are in progress!
Mississippi State's Newest Cheerleader
A Bag For All The Goodies

Smocked Booties, Dress, Bonnet, and Bib for a Precious Baby Girl

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