Sunday, May 24, 2009

Visit From an Angel!

It is only Sunday night, and I can already say this has been the best Memorial Day weekend...ever! The weather has been damp, but Little Miss Sunshine came for a visit and brightened all of our weekends. Yes, I am talking about Kate. Luke surprised me with a call on Thursday night saying that they could visit this weekend if we were free. Well, with this being Kate's first visit, and the first chance for the rest of the family to see her, I couldn't wait to spread the news. Obviously, I wasn't the only person excited with this news. I think Mom called everyone she knows, telling them that she had a tiny visitor coming to her house for the first time.
Mom and Dad with their 1st Great Granddaughter. Can't you see the excitement here?

Hayden found these Van shoes to match hers when we went to CYC and just had to buy them for Kate. Just a little difference in the sizes.

This is the same Hayden that was jealous of Kate when we first received the news that Luke and Amanda were expecting. After they left last night, she pouted up and said "I Love Her and Miss Her Already" Didn't take long to wrap you around her little pinkie.

Ashley had baby fever already...Watch out, Shaun!
Meloney getting her time with Kate!
Even Kevin had a chance to hold her. I'm sure most of you have noticed by this point that a couple of pictures are missing. Where is the one with me spoiling Kate? How about Vickie? I can assure you, we did have our chance. I just missed the photo op. I'm just hoping Ashley or Meloney have pics that they will share with me.
Luke, Amanda, and the little Angel! Thank you so much for bringing Kate to visit. You will never know how much this meant to the whole family. We love all three of you, so much! Thanks again!

I also want to add that Friday night was my niece, Chelle's graduation. She will be attending MSU in the fall and will be Tyler's roomie. I didn't have a graduation picture to post, but once again...I'll rely on Ashley to send me a few. Congratulations Chelle!!!

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  1. I am so glad me and Shaun were able to be there. I didn't doubt your biased opinion, but you are right, she is absolutely precious. I will send you the pics from my camera asap.