Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WYG Mission 2009

I have been a slacker in the blog world lately, but I have been about more important work. Nick, our youth minister, asked if I would help chaperone 14 of our youth on a trip to Parsons, Tn to help a smaller congregation with their VBS. I am so glad that I agreed. I was so uplifted by our teens hard work and willingness to help others. We had a great time, I don't remember laughing that much in a long time. But it wasn't all play, the teens had a tough schedule from morning to night. We divided in to groups and knocked doors in the morning, inviting the locals to VBS. After lunch, the teens did a puppet show and sang songs with the elementary school's summer program. They were also responsible for the entire VBS program...the skit, puppet show, themed crafts, games and an application room. The theme was "Elijah, the Prophet", but the skit and application changed every night. After a couple days, they would take every extra minute to nap on an empty pew. I think much good came from this work for our teens and the community of Parsons. Great Job, young people! And a Big Shout Out to Jeremy, Jeb, Kristin, Baily, and everyone from Parsons that made us feel so welcomed. Thank You!!!
Door Knocking...Hayden, Allyson, Mollie, Jacob and Jeremy.
Hold on Jacob...It is dangerous in the back of my Jeep!
Nick the Creeper...Creeping!
Happy Birthday to Breanna who celebrated her 17th birthday while we were in Parsons!

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