Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tyler's Fun Weekend

I'm sure he would rather spent his weekend some other way but Tyler had his wisdom teeth removed on Friday. Sometimes you just have to toughen up and accept the inevitable. He has been a pretty good patient. Hayden was supposed to have hers removed also, but we had a change of plans after I found out that she had used most of her yearly maximum on our dental insurance. Now she gets to wait until next summer. Probably not a good idea since she went with us for the surgery and found out that Tyler woke up twice during the procedure. She only went because she thought he might be funny on all the medications. Too bad....he slept all the way home and hardly even remembers Friday. The only funny thing he did was the day after surgery. From a medicated sleep he said, "Whose favorite band is Simon and Garfunkel?" We got a pretty good laugh from that.

The only way we found to keep the ice packs on both sides while he slept.

Being a good sport.

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  1. Shaun warned them about that doctor and waking up during the process. Maybe Hayden should use Dr. Kahn who I used. I never knew a thing! Glad Tyler's is over with. I bet Hayden wished she had hers over with too.