Saturday, July 18, 2009

Precious Pictures...As Promised!

We arrived at Luke and Amanda's last night around 7:30 and went to a catfish place for dinner. The food was great, but nothing compared to the company. It was so good to see all three of them...but let me tell you about Kate! She has changed so much since their last visit. She is really developing her own little personality, and is such a happy baby. She has beautiful dimples, just like her dad. She lights up when Luke or Amanda come in the room. She is also mesmerized by Bandit and will stare at him for several minutes at a time. I fall in love with her more every time I see her. By looking at the pictures you will probably agree that I am not the only one. Her daddy says she has him in the palm of her hand and I feel sure Hayden would be right there with him if we lived closer. We spent time at their house this morning and then went to Mexican for a late lunch. We shopped for a short while and then headed home.
Love the expression!
Hayden, checking out the competition.
Such an Angel!
Dimples like my Dad's
Kate loved walking with Wade.

Thank you so much Luke and Amanda for your hospitality and for sharing your beautiful baby girl.

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